Artech load cells are utilized throughout the weighing industry for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Bagging
  • Batching
  • Bulk Weighing Systems
  • Conveyors & Checkweighers
  • Crane Scales
  • Dynamometers
  • Electronic Weighing Systems
  • Fork Lifts
  • Hoppers and Bins
  • Onboard Weighing
  • Packaging Machine Scales
  • Truck Scales
  • Tank Weighing
  • Weighbridges
  • Weigh Feeders
  • Other Custom-designed Applications


Truck & Railroad Scales

  • In cases of weighing loaded and unloaded trucks across our highways and railroads, our Double-ended Shear Beams (8021080310) are commonly used; providing long-lasting durability in rugged environments
  • Canister Load Cells (90210) are built for rugged environments, can tolerate significant abuse
  • 90310 canister load cells provide an easy solution to retrofit in legacy equipment, and a higher degree of accuracy for truck scales

Packaging & Food Processing

  • Our economical “S” type load cells (20210) are utilized in tank weighing and scale conversions, in-line force measurement applications, and are ruggedized and sealed for use in washdown areas
  • Single Point Beams (60210604106061061010) are used in high-speed checkweighers for conveyor belts (such as with the handling of food products), and provide a means to quickly process, register, and differentiate weights

Material Handling & Warehousing

  • 20210 provides an economical, highly accurate load cell solution for measuring tension on forklift loads
  • Single-ended Beams (30310) are versatile load cells ideal for low-profile and platform scales, and are environmentally protected and sealed (nickel/chrome-plated) to assure resistance against corrosion


  • Single-ended Shear Beams (30310) provide an economical, accurate, and versatile load cell commonly utilized in livestock floor scales; providing highly diverse compatibility with existing equipment) and are sealed to protect against environmental conditions
  • 30410 link-beam design provides moveable linkage to help reduce excessive side loads and reading errors
  • Used in combines and platform scales, our Single-point Load Cells (60410) provide an economical solution for combine platform applications
weighing scales and load cells for agriculture
weighing scales and load cells for tanks, silos

Tanks, Silos & Bulk Powder Processing

  • Our versatile 20210 are accurate, self-centering, and economical load cells used to measure products in tension applications for processing equipment (such as concrete aggregate, batching, and asphalt weighing)
  • Double-ended Beams (7021070310) are commonly used across this industry, as well as rugged areas where shock and overloading situations exist; Popularly used in retrofits and provide versatility in use under tanks, bins, hoppers, silos, mixers, centrifuges, and more
  • 70210 and 70310 are made with high alloy tool steel for repeatability, are highly accurate to ensure precision, the gage areas are environmentally protected with a thick double waterproof seal and stainless steel plate, and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions

OEM & Scale Repair

  • Many styles of load cells are available including high-temperature compensated up to 400°F, for use in steel mills and hot asphalt applications
  • Several models also available in Stainless Steel for food-grade and pharmaceutical applications
  • Compatible Weigh Modules and Kits (Mounting Hardware) complement a variety of load cells which are ideal for new construction or scale repairs
  • Pancake Load Cells are available for low-profile/high-load capacity applications, while maintaining a minimal footprint for use in presses, roll-coaters, among other applications
  • Private labeling is available
weigh scales repairs for load cells and more
weighing scales and load cells for research labs

University & Research Labs

  • Single-ended Bending Beams (4021050210) provide a low-profile solution for small capacity laboratory applications and testing  pharmaceuticals (i.e. batching, mixing, etc.)
  • 70510 load cells are ideal for centrifuge mixing and applications where vibration is present, among other laboratory and pharmaceutical applications