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Single Ended Beams

SS 30410 Load Cell


Model SS 30410, a rectangular stainless steel shear link beam, is a versatile and low cost load cell for link loading. The moveable linkage helps reduce excessive side loads and reading errors. Its stainless steel construction makes the cell durable for use in Livestock and tank scales. The cell is environmentally protected with water resistant seal and stainless steel plates to assure resistance against corrosion. The load cell is supplied with an integral 20 foot cable

  • 1K to 10K pounds capacities
  • Flexible link – loading design
  • Complete environmental protection
  • Exceed NIST H-44 requirements
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low cost
  • Factory Mutual (F.M.) Approved
  • Mounting hardware available


Standard Capacities (lbs.)1K, 2K, 2.5K, 4K, 5K, 5KLE, 10K
Excitation Voltage10VDC - Maximum 15VDC
Rated Output3.0 mv/v ± 0.25%
Non-Linearity< 0.03% FSO (Full Scale Output)
Hysteresis< 0.02% FSO
Non-Repeatability< 0.01% FSO
Zero Balance± 1.0% FSO
Bridge Resistance350 ohms ±3.5 ohms
Safe Overload150% of Rated Capacity
Temperature - Compensated Range0 - 150 deg. F
Temperature - Effect of Output< 0.0008% FSO/deg. F
Temperature - Effect on Zero< 0.0011% FSO/deg. F
Material/FinishStainless Steel




  • Livestock scales
  • Tank and hopper weighing